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Climbing & yoga retreats crafted with heart

Certified rock-climbing guides & yoga teachers

World-class climbing

Yoga & meditation for climbers

Expert coaches & instructors

Exclusive accommodations

Wholesome gourmet meals

Environmentally conscious

Follow your dreams, they know the way

Kobe Yamada

Are you ready?

Our upcoming retreats:

Lleida with Daila Ojeda

March 2020


Easter 2020

Climbing & Yoga

Strength. Flexibility. Balance. Inner balance.  

Our program is designed to take you on a journey of self-exploration, empowerment, body awareness and mindful movement, both on the wall and on the mat. 

Our retreats include dedicated meditation, visualisation and breathing techniques sessions to help you achieve a fluid mindset during your climbs.  

You will acquire invaluable skills that go beyond climbing and yoga, transferable to your daily life. You will learn how to feel comfortable out of your comfort zone and how to achieve a calm and quiet state of mind. You will feel empowered.

Wholesome meals

We are what we eat.

You will be nourished from the inside out with the most delicious chef cooked meals, made out of fresh local produce.

Our passionate retreat chefs have designed a menu to take you on a colourful journey of flavours and healthy meals

Exclusive accommodations

Our body needs to recover to be at its best.

During our retreats you will enjoy the comfort of our handpicked accommodations. All our retreat homes have been selected for their charm, their energy and their quality.

We choose spaces where we can create a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere, with beautiful surroundings and exclusive for our group.  

Our sustainability promise

We are climbers.  We love the outdoors; we want to protect our planet.

We commit to minimising the actions that could damage the environment.  
– No single-use plastic 
Reusable containers and bottles 
Recycle our waste, including cooking oil 
Real food, from local suppliers, cooked by our retreat chef
– Work with suppliers that have sustainability high in their agenda 

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