Why us?

Oasis Climbing Club retreats are much more than a climbing holiday

We take pride in offering a holistic and immersive climbing experience. Our programme combines guided climbing & coaching and yoga classes tailored to the retreat goals. We also include meditation, breathing & visualisation techniques to help you achieve a fluid mindset during your climbs.

Our retreats are crafted with heart and every detail is taken care of to ensure the maximum quality standards: experienced certified instructors, handpicked exclusive accommodations and wholesome meals prepared in house by our retreat chefs.

Oasis Climbing Club fulfils its legal requirements by being a registered tour operator with the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya). As a result, your holiday is protected against financial failure.

Last but not least, we are owner operators: we love what we do. Seeing you leave with a smile at the end of a retreat is what we work hard for.

Our philosophy

We believe in the power of rock-climbing and yoga to transform lives. We are climbers & yogis and we have experienced it ourselves.

Climbing means so much to us. For us, it is more than a sport or a hobby, it is a way of life. A way of understanding life. 

Climbing we connect with ourselves, with nature, with our fears. We learn from failure and from success.

Climbing also means community to us. We climbers are a group of people that understands no borders. We share a passion for the outdoors, for the planet. We are supportive and we love challenge.

We also love yoga. Yoga brings us back to our center. Practising yoga, we stop time in order to listen. To our body, to ourselves. We re-energize connecting with the earth underneath our feet and with our breath.

Climbing and yoga have so much in common. Strength. Flexibility. Balance. Inner balance.

We practice yoga to awaken our body in the morning or to wind down at night. For a good stretch after a climbing session and whenever we need it to disconnect & reconnect.

The founders


Born and bred in Barcelona, but a citizen of the world, I have lived in five different countries and travelled dozens more.

Having worked several years in the tourism industry, I decided to bring my experience and my passion together to co-found Oasis Climbing Club.

What’s my passion? I have many! But rock-climbing, yoga, traveling and people are the main ones.

With Oasis Climbing Club I aim to give back to the community what these passions have given to me. Traveling, climbing, yoga & people have rewarded me with memories that will last for life. They have given me endless learning opportunities and have changed my way of seeing the world. They have changed my life.

I am a certified yoga teacher with a special interest in meditation and visualisation techniques.

Currently based in Barcelona I am fully dedicated to crafting the unique retreat experiences we offer at Oasis Climbing Club. I specialize in bringing yoga and climbing together, creating a program that focuses on conscious movement, self-awareness, visualisation and breathing techniques.


Born and raised in the colourful country of Colombia, I moved to Australia chasing my dreams. Australia will always have a special place in my heart, as it gave me the opportunity to travel the world and it is the place where I met the love of my life. However, I fell in love with Barcelona, which I now call home: it is a vibrant city and offers endless world-class climbing possibilities in the close surroundings.

Having played multiple sports since I was a child, I came to understand the important role they play in life. Sports have been my discipline, my challenge and my passion.

Climbing changed the way I was looking at life when I first found it. Every time I am on the rock, I learn a lot about myself. For me the rock is a school that helps us become more aware. It gives us the opportunity to develop personal observation and to consider limiting aspects of thinking and acting.

I co-founded Oasis Climbing Club to share all those beautiful values that rock-climbing & yoga have to offer, in the most magical way. I strongly believe that climbing & yoga are among the most amazing and fun tools to help us become better human beings.

Let’s create a storytelling together.